Our team

Nathalie Charpentier
Talent Manager – Partner

With a 13-year career in the banking sector behind her, Nathalie has acquired experience in commercial development for institutions and the liberal professions as well as in portfolio arbitrage.  It is where she also developed her knowledge of banking products, insurance, inheritance, etc.  She joined Edouard Franklin in 2012 to boost the Belgian market thanks to her vast network of contacts, initially from the Luxembourg office, and since 2014, via a specific Belgian entity (ACCURIS).  Nathalie is in charge of recruitment.


Stephan Schmitz
Talent Manager – Partner

Stephan has more than 20 years’ experience in finance, acquired through consultancy, training and risk management.  He specialises in recruitment into these areas, but also handles appointments which are more front office oriented.  He is also in charge of administrative and financial aspects of the company, as well as training.



Arnaud Walch
Formateur Senior

Arnaud has 20 years’ experience in both private banking and asset management.  Throughout his career, he has been in charge of a wide range of training courses and conferences relating to the financial sector. As he is passionate about wine, he decided to follow a course in oenology at the Ceria hotel school in Brussels in 2006.  In 2017, he founded Grains Nobles – Business & Wine by A. Walch and joined with ACCURIS to provide training and organise events relating to wine and its history.  This collaboration gave rise to a range of different concepts designed to make use of wine as a connection between colleagues (and to strengthen the intra-company relationship) or as a bond between the company and its prospective clients/existing clients.